Conventional Construction & MIVAN

Mivan technology is often used for construction but what are it’s drawbacks that makes one prefer conventional construction over Mivan

The construction industry looks at different methods to improve the efficiency of the process which cut costs or save time. One such method is the Mivan technology, which basically uses aluminium formwork and cement mixture filling for faster construction. However there are a few disadvantages of Mivan construction technology:

  1. There is no scope for alterations or modifications after the structure is made as the walls are cast in RCC making the building construction inflexible. It is difficult even to hammer a nail onto your wall for any purpose.
  2. As concrete is susceptible to changes in the moisture content, the Mivan construction can be gullible to cracks on the surfaces of the walls and slabs.
  3. The finished structure usually have visible finishing lines on the surfaces as the size of the components used is small

Conventional method of construction is still widely followed and trusted by builders over the years because of its reliability and trustworthiness.

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