An apartment that costs Rs 10 lakh cheaper on cost sheet might be more expensive at handover!

Monarch Aqua wants to deliver a luxurious lifestyle to you at a price that is friendly to your pockets. For that, we offer a Pre-EMI subvention scheme by which a customer can reduce their expenditure incurred till the handover of the apartment. By opting for a Pre-EMI scheme, we offer to pay your Pre-EMIs until your apartment is handed over to you! This cuts down on your total cost at the time of handover of the apartment when compared to the competitors. We have done a competition analysis in reference to a 2 bhk flat available.

(all figures in rupees) Monarch Aqua (2 bhk/ 1291 sq ft) A (2 bhk/ 1280 sq ft) B (2 bhk/ 1285 sq ft) C (2 bhk/ 1245 sq ft)
Basic Cost 81,02,400 71,66,720 77,83,525 74,11,600
After EMI cost 81,02,400 86,71,736 88,63,525 89,68,024
Difference at handover 15,05,016 10,80,000   15,56,424

As evident, you can save about Rs. 10.8 lacs to Rs 15.56 lacs by the time of possession if you book an apartment at Monarch Aqua. Considering the time value of your money, Pre-Subvention scheme could be a huge benefit to your savings!



We know the value our customers see in the size of the rooms they desire to live in. They need ample space to design their home as per their comfort and aspiration, a need Monarch wants to meet for them.

We provide a range of room with various sizes and configuration so that you can get the best out of your home.

For eg, our 1588 sq ft Coronet 3 bhk offers a living room area of about 11’10” x 17’11”; which is greater than competitor A’s 1636 sq ft 3 bhk which offers 16’2″ x 10’7″ area living room; competitor B’s 1590 sq ft 3 bhk offering a 10’6″ x 13’7″ living room area.

All the apartment have a view of the lake, gives you an access to fresh breeze and no other high rises can come up in the vicinity that can block your serene view. The entire property being open on all three sides gives you an access to daylight so that you don’t have to turn on your lights during sunny days.

Conventional Construction & MIVAN

Mivan technology is often used for construction but what are it’s drawbacks that makes one prefer conventional construction over Mivan

The construction industry looks at different methods to improve the efficiency of the process which cut costs or save time. One such method is the Mivan technology, which basically uses aluminium formwork and cement mixture filling for faster construction. However there are a few disadvantages of Mivan construction technology:

  1. There is no scope for alterations or modifications after the structure is made as the walls are cast in RCC making the building construction inflexible. It is difficult even to hammer a nail onto your wall for any purpose.
  2. As concrete is susceptible to changes in the moisture content, the Mivan construction can be gullible to cracks on the surfaces of the walls and slabs.
  3. The finished structure usually have visible finishing lines on the surfaces as the size of the components used is small

Conventional method of construction is still widely followed and trusted by builders over the years because of its reliability and trustworthiness.

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